Since the rise of PokemonGo there has been a boom in AR games that encourage usage outside - which couldn't be more welcome after the pandemic-induced lockdowns and confinement restrictions.

Now, there are plenty of exciting fitness apps and games that encourage you to get outside and move, while cleverly augmenting our realities and outdoor worlds. To inspire you to get busy for our first creative challenge (Create 3D Objects In The Wild), we're listing our 4 favourites.

  1. Pokémon Go (yeah, we can't not talk about it)
    Developed in 2016, this game isn’t totally fresh, although various updates to this Augmented Reality game have seen its usage improve - the app still had over 1million daily users in January 2021. The game allows you to play with, locate, train and battle with the virtual creatures in your real-world location! Last year, the game made around $6 million in revenue. Not too shabby at all.


  2. Vortex Ball
    Robot spiders are on the attack, and you get to throw stuff at them - but it's way more complex than that. The Sturfee technology used in this game allows the spiders to really climb all over their outdoor surroundings, interacting with the real space in a way a lot of other apps just cannot. The spiders look a little like Black Mirror robots, and know a creepy amount about the shortcuts in your local area. Freak yourself out, why don't you.


  3. Temple Treasure Hunt
    Temple Treasure Hunt that utilises your geo-location. Here, the game blends Indian mythology and Augmented Reality. In this game, you use a map to find clues which can really help keep a long walk or hike interesting.


  4. SpecTrek
    In this game, you can get your ghost buster on! This game is actually designed to help you have fun whilst you work-out. Here, users can catch ghosts by moving their phone into the “camera-position” and you can then scan, see and, ultimately, catch the ghosts. Before beginning the game, you can select your work-out length which is either 15, 30 or 60 minutes in length! Then, you have to walk to the digitally designed ghosts that will appear on your journey.