Are you an
artist / illustrator / photographer / filmmaker / designer / animator / 3D specialist or similar undefined creative powerhouse?

Want a chance to work with iconic global brands and get paid for it? Looking to expand your portfolio and connect with artists you admire? 

ere are many brilliant ways you can use your (free!) Talenthouse membership. We're pointing them all out here just incase you might have missed any...


1. Submit to Open Briefs from huge brands (with cash potential)

All of your favourite brands are constantly on the lookout for fresh, exciting creative talent. And when they have a fantastic opportunity to make some cool stuff, they come to us. 

What is an Open Brief? When a brand or business needs new visual work, they know that the most talented creatives are in the Talenthouse community. They'll post a brief on our Creative Briefs page, highlighting what work they're looking for, with specific submission guidelines. The briefs are totally optional to submit to, and we LOVE that they help shine a light on brilliant creative talent without needing any portfolio submission, history of previous work or a university degree. These briefs are based on raw talent, which we know you have in abundance.

We’ve posted briefs for brands from Amazon Prime to Absolut Vodka, artists like Dua Lipa and Childish Gambino, and the creative teams behind Peaky Blinders, Venom and more of the hottest films and TV series on the planet. 

When you join, you’re under no obligation to submit, but when you do you'll reap the benefits of:

  • Potential cash prizes
  • Something fabulous to put in your portfolio, showing how you've interpreted a brief from a major brand
  • The chance to see how your contemporaries respond to the brief and guidelines, and to develop awareness of your own creative processes
  • Being inspired by incredible artwork from working artists from all over the world. 

One brief can change your life. Audric Dandres worked with Childish Gambino after submitting his design. Ese Izhi received $10,000 and his design for DC Shoes was produced and sold over the world.

But you don’t have to take our word for it! 

Here’s the scoop from Cheryl Savala, who sold an incredible 17 pieces of art through a closed brief on Talenthouse. 

Some of the beautiful work Cheryl Savala sold through Talenthouse

“It’s exciting to connect artists with global brands through a community like Talenthouse. It’s the perfect mix of technology and artistry that wasn’t accessible a decade ago," she told us.

"And it’s so much fun! No boundaries. No pressure. And honestly, there’s no risk of failure. I believe the win comes from creating. I enjoyed the challenge of submitting work for a brief, even without being selected as a finalist. The project I did become a finalist came as a total surprise.   

"Creating work with a reputable, high-calibre business like Talenthouse could not have had a better experience. Contracts are written. Agreements are made. There’s a high level of respect between the artist, project managers, and brand directors, which is essential.” 

Where will Talenthouse take you?

2. You might then be invited to submit to a closed brief

When you consistently apply to Talenthouse open briefs, you're bound to catch the eye of our production managers. This means when a closed brief comes along, they could reach out to you personally and ask you to submit for a fixed fee, with the possibility of earning more money if your submission is successful. 

Being headhunted to work for a huge client. Isn’t that the dream? 


3. Networking with other creatives

Once you submit to a brief, you can access all the other submissions that have been shared by the community in the comments sections. If you see something that you just have to find out more  abou,t you can start conversations with the artists, ask questions about their work and talk about your own. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find your next creative collaborator.

4. Seeing a shedload of best-in-class artwork

One of the most important steps in your professional creative development is getting as much contemporary art and design in your eyeballs as you can. Pushing yourself to question your tastes – What do I love about this? What do I hate about it? How would I do it differently? Would that make it better or worse? Why? – will teach you to think critically about others’ work and elevate your own.

Submitting your work to Talenthouse gives you access to a wealth of other artists’ work, and an invaluable insight on currents trends and practices in your chosen field. 

Some of the beautiful interpretations of our Open Brief for Edgar Wright's Last Night In Soho movie

5. Access to submission tips, career advice and general creative news

Each brief is packed with tasty insights, mood boards, key visuals and other inspirational resources to inspire your art. You can also find game-changing career advice, trends forecasts and hot art gossip in our Editorials section. You can even find out how previous successful artists created their award-winning art, like Rayna Pelcastre who created a poster for DC Comics, or Orlando Copali Velasquez who made one for Venom.

6. Joining our 'constellation of creativity' with our other platforms in the network

With 14 million members, we are the world’s largest creative community. Our network includes one-stop-stock-imager-shop EyeEm - which is looking for your photos that you can sell on their marketplace. Media Foundry, our service for creatives looking to get their Game, TV or Film project over the line, ElloWorks, a jobs portal for bespoke creative projects, and Creative Commission - THE place the music industry goes to for creative work. Just to name a few!


So what are you waiting for? 

Join Talenthouse now and create freely.

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