Having submitted to 23 Creative Invites on Talenthouse, we consider Becky Doyon to be a 'hero' profile holder! You may recognize Becky's work from our previous feature on her. Becky comes from Maine, United States but has rallied fans and followers from across the globe. With around 2,000 followers on Talenthouse, Becky has managed to grow her following by submitting to projects and promoting her work. She has also supported the work of other artists on Talenthouse who have reciprocated. This is the whole idea of Talenthouse, to create a community of artists that nurture, support and help each other achieve their goals of exposure, collaboration, accessing creative work and money making.

TH: Where and when did you first find out about Talenthouse?
Becky: I first heard about Talenthouse when P!nk posted about her Creative Invite on Facebook.

TH: What made you submit to our Creative Invites?
Becky: I submitted to the P!nk one because it looked like a good opportunity, and I’m a fan. After submitting to that one, I scrolled through the other open invites and saw a bunch that I was interested in. At the time, I was just starting to look for ways to get my art out there, and this seemed like a good way to do it. A lot has come from the invites that I’ve entered, so it’s been working out.

TH: How did you initiate social growth?
Becky: I started by inviting my friends/family to see/post my work, and from there, their friends saw it and supported it. After that, I looked around on Talenthouse for other artists creating things that appealed to me. I followed them, and invited them to check my work out.

TH: How do you usually rally support for your work?
Becky: I post it on social media sites, and send links to my Talenthouse followers.

TH: Have you noticed an increase in your followers since submitting to Talenthouse projects?
Becky: I have noticed a big increase in my followers since submitting to Talenthouse projects. I’ve generated a lot of interest in my work through my Talenthouse profile and submissions. I’ve even had some people contact me for possible future work.

TH: What advice would you give to anyone trying to get eyes on their work?
Becky: Put your work anywhere you can think of. Social media is a good place to start. There are groups on Facebook for just about everything. Join some and post your work. There are also portfolio sites, local exhibitions and craft fairs. I do a lot of band art, and I’ve found that sending it to fan clubs online has really helped get my art out there. I’ve also had some success sending my art directly to band members. Find places where your art fits in and shove it in people’s faces.

TH: What is more important to you, having lots of people see your work or having powerful people see your work?
Becky: Having lots of people see my work is important. Though, having powerful people see my work would probably help me reach that goal sooner because they can get my work to a larger audience faster than I can, plus…I have bills.

TH: Have you met anyone or seen anyone you'd like to collaborate with on Talenthouse?
Becky: I have seen some people that I would like to collaborate with. The ones that come to mind right now are Dan Richards and Fifth Element. I like their styles. I don’t know what we would collaborate on, but I’m sure we could come up with something. Other than that, I’m interested in collaborating with bands and filmmakers on designing promotional and/or package art.

TH: What do you think about Talenthouse as a destination for creatives in general?
Becky: I think it’s a good place for creatives because it’s an all-in-one place to post a portfolio, get helpful information, meet potential collaborators and possibly enter some competitions.

TH: What are you working on right now?
Becky: Aside from working on a few things for Creative Invites, I am working on some other projects. I’m illustrating and assembling my own series of coloring books, continuing my collection of Disney zombies, working on more band art, designing a Tshirt for DJ Boots, and drawing some things for friends/family. I have a bunch of crafts (hand painted and illustrated) that I am always working on in my free time. I have also been working on a series of children’s books with my sister that she writes and I illustrate, and I’m in the very early stages of planning an animated monster series on Youtube with a friend. On top of that, I am working toward a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design. I have a lot of open projects right now. I’m in the process of putting my coloring books and crafts up on Ebay and my illustrations up on my Soceity6 page to sell.

TH: We wish you all the best for your creative endeavors.

Visit Becky's Talenthouse profile.