Beautify Earth is an organization that creates public and private art projects in neglected neighborhoods. The projects consist of business owners and communities that donate their walls so that the artists can run wild with their imagination and use it as a canvas. Like Talenthouse with its Get Discovered Creative Invite and every other initiative held here; this organization creates a platform where artists can participate and expose their art work to the world.

Beautify EarthBeautify Earth has the heroic goal of creating 1 million murals in different communities all over the world in 5 years. Aside from these mural masterpieces looking beautiful and brightening up an entire community, these murals also help boost the local economy. Beautify Earth also plans to create community dance projects, fix abandoned lots, and create parks and gardens for everyone to enjoy. The art pieces stimulate underdeveloped communities and help everyone including new artists as exposure on huge walls when people walk or pass by. The businesses see an increase in revenue and an increase in the communities housing prices. Businesses have reported up to a 20% increase in their revneue after the murals were painted on their wall. Its a Win-Win situation for everyone. Everyone can participate in the Beautify Earth project by volunteering to help or donate your wall for a mural make over. You can create your own projects in your own community to fix your neighborhood together.

Beautify Earth has transformed communities all over Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and will soon be working in San Francisco. There are current projects to Beautify South Central, Crenshaw, Lincoln Boulevard in LA and Beautify Rockaway Beach in New York City that was affected by Hurricane Sandy. Areas in Santa Monica have started to create their own murals to beautify their community because of the movement created by Beautify Earth. People can go on their website and donate money or volunteer to help in any of these projects. Beautify earth has set a great example of what communities can accomplish when working together to produce great art.

Beautify Earth was originally funded by their current president Evan Meyer. One day he decided to paint an dilapidated bench on Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica. Once he fixed that he decided to go even further and start to paint murals on walls to make the community look nicer and started his first project on Lincoln Blvd. At first it was difficult for communities to donate their walls and understand the concept of painting murals to make the communities look nicer. So at first Beautify Earth members had to go knocking door to door asking for people to donate their walls or help but now that the movement has caught on some store and building owners are more willing to do it. The motto on their website is "Painting the world in color" is truly something they live up to.  Painting mural after mural until they reach 1 million and more will definitely brighten up the world and create better communities in which others can hopefully follow. Beautify Earth:

"It’s our home, our community, and our world, so let’s stop talking and do something to help make it beautiful."

The diversity of artwork created by these different artists are all truly unique and one mural can really brighten up a neighborhood which has been neglected and turn it into an exterior gallery that everyone can appreciate. We at Talenthouse love to promote new artists and give them a chance for exposure and put them in the spot light so everyone can appreciate their work as well. Good artwork should be exposed everywhere for people to enjoy and cause wonder, happiness, inspiration, excitement, and a variety of other feelings, were in this case can be created with a wall and some imagination.