Now, more than ever, we need to discuss the climate crisis and what we can do about it. While we are certainly not claiming that augmented reality effects can solve climate change, they are good tools for helping to raise awareness of the problem. People don’t currently know enough about what small changes can be implemented in everyday life to help reduce the impacts of climate change. We believe augmented reality can contribute to changing this! 

If you're also a big fan of augmented reality effects. Why not take a look at our latest augmented reality creative brief in partnership with Spark AR.

Save Ocean 


Created by, the “Save Ocean” augmented reality filter adds a pool of water to your environment. However, this isn’t a gorgeous serene pool you might be imagining…This pool shows the devastating effects of environmental damage, with rubbish and tentacles coming out of the water! It is certainly a jarring reminder of how your waste could end up impacting the planet!

Penguin Rescue 


Who doesn’t want a cute penguin in your living room? This filter by Daniel Pimentel shows the process of having to clean a penguin after an oil spill in the most endearing way. It’s a very clever and accessible way of showing the impact we’re having on our world and animals, while also being fun to use. 

The World in 2070

Dystopian and fiery, National Geographic issued a warning with their first augmented reality cover, accompanied by an AR experience on Instagram. Seeing devastation and fires before you is such a visceral experience, demonstrating just how powerful these filters can be and how they can be used impactfully for a marketing campaign if designed well. The filter was made by Luke Hurd.

Zurich Forest Project


This filter beautifully shows pink blossoms cascading down from a tree, popping up in front of you. It wouldn't be amiss from an ‘Elven’ paradise from Lord of the Rings! But, this piece has a special twist; if you share a virtual tree, the Zurich Forest Project will plant another one! Since this initiative began, a total of 1,200 trees have been planted! The filter was designed and created by @capitolasocial in honor of @earthdaynetwork and is a great example of how design can lead to tangible progress.

Oceana Filter

Yord Studio created two filters for Oceana, a global non-profit organization that focuses on ocean conservation. It allows users to dive into the depths of the ocean as Scuba Divers:“The goal was to raise awareness about Oceana’s mission and encourage social media users and activists to share and spread the message in a unique way.” We think that the filter's fun approach helps create awareness of the problem in a fun and shareable way, again showing the capabilities of AR in campaigns. 

Reduce Trash 


This filter adds rubbish to the top of your head and around your face with the slogan ‘Nothing looks good with garbage. Reduce, reuse, recycle’. It's a fun and silly way to represent the need to dispose of our waste properly and shows how a comedic approach can get people sharing and interacting with the filter. The more people share, the more it’s ingrained in the users' consciousness. 

Save the Orangutans

This ‘Save the Orangutans’ filter uses a game-style approach to raise awareness of the impact of deforestation on Orangutans. The filter allows you to turn your head to each side to avoid the chopped-down trees and to save the Orangutans in need. It’s a really sweet but poignant way to spread the message and get the point across in a way that people can engage with.