We should apologise now, really, because after you've watched a couple of Artist DingDing's videos there's a strong chance you'll lose a good hour or so to her Instagram account. 


The artist creates beautifully intricate paintings that are always surrounded by fresh (albeit paint-covered) flowers, but the process behind the work is anything but delicate. 


@artist _dingding documents her artistic process in stylised Instagram clips, which usually start with throwing pastel coloured paint on a large canvas either from the top of a ladder, from a GIANT ball-of-paint, or generally from a paint-tub she flings into the air. The paint covers *everything* in her studio; flowers, clothes, paintbrushes, ornaments and trinkets, statues, garden furniture, and once we even saw what looked like a Colin The Caterpillar birthday cake in-shot...


The studio's set up slightly differently in each video, but what always remains a constant is an intially pristine white dress, which then gets artistically splashed and swiped as the painting is created. Does she have an endless supply of white dresses? Does this paint just wash out really easy? Is there a laundry detergent we should be using? These are the important questions.

Once the dramatic throws and flourishes are over with, the artist sometimes uses a roller, a large brush, or simply her hands to move the paint around on the canvas. Once she's satisfied with the background, the more detailed work begins.

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Marrying video, installation, performance art and painting, you could say the artwork literally pours off the page. 

Must be nice to have a budget for new flowers, dresses and studio props for every video you make. Or if there isn't a budget... must suck to be the person to has to clean it up every time.

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We aren’t the only ones who find dingding’s creative process captivating to watch - her following is over 100k strong on Instagram. One of her followers commented on a video, “I have nothing to say. This is the most unique and talented way of painting I've ever seen.” Another wrote, “Every time I see comments there’s always a few moaning about the waste of paint. The whole set is a work of art including the paint splattered everywhere.”

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There isn't much more information available about the mysterious artist. Her bio states that she loves 'painting, flowers and pets' and that she expresses 'the meaning of art and painting with my own way.' One thing is for sure, we haven't come across another artist quite like her.