We love games, not those types of games - but video games with amazing characters and design. We love video games that create global communities or inspire creativity. We love the cross-over from 2D to 3D and everything in-between. Mainly we cannot get enough of the innovation and imagination that goes into their creation. 

And we want to hear what you have to say too. Tell us about your creative experiences in the gaming and 3D creative space - not just as a creator, but also as a gamer!

While we are thinking about this innovative digital art form, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite pieces of artwork that we feel represents the energy and immersive world of gaming itself. From avatars, to 3D and classic cyberpunk, we hope you get your game on! 


Yan Blanco
This avatar of a carnivorous plant was selected for Intel’s RealSense optimized ooVoo app. Not only did Yan create the avatar, but he animated it!


United Arab Emirates
Who didn’t want to create an avatar for Steven Spielberg’s movie about gaming - Ready Player One? We love this one from In Ni because of the details and sense of texture. And yes, this bad boy made it into the film on a much grander scale.



Sergio di Lorio
Cyberpunk and gaming have so much synergy, which is why we love Sergio's expression of merging the two worlds with this little retro vibe. Plus, at every glance you discover a new detail.

habitacion4 sin firma.jpg


Shy Studio 
Full disclosure, you might not be able to make the gaming connection with Shy Studio, but we can’t NOT mention them. We are a little obsessed with their artificial flowers. Trust us and take a deeper look.



Carla Batley
United Kingdom
With a commitment to sharing her renderings daily, we cannot help but wonder what Carla will share next. The tonality and way she treats space in her designs, we feel creates a clear mood and backdrop for the ultimate game experience. Checkout her rendering of a skull and we think you will agree.


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