Post by Elyssa Canoza and Taryn Anderson.

"I know I have within myself...a side of solitude. I think people who know me can see, but people who just meet me can't because I'm generally very fun and gregarious. But I love to spend a lot of time on my own. I can seriously go into my own head and often love to let myself travel where I don't know where I'm going. I always felt that that was his kind of form of escape, in a way."

Gerard Butler, know for being and Hollywood Heartthrob and leading man, stars in Olympus Has Fallen, in theaters everywhere March 22nd. From past roles such as playing a Spartan King and warrior in 300 or his role in the children's movie How To Train Your Dragon, Butler has demonstrated his versatility in genres and passion as an actor. Butler plays a Secret Service agent in Olympus Has Fallen alongside Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart in the star studded cast. Be sure to enter our Creative Invite with Gerard Butler and Olympus has Fallen by submitting your artwork inspired by the action movie. As high profile and well known as he is, we bet you didn't know any of these five facts about him.

1. He has a law degree

Gerard Butler, Esq.? He's as brainy as he is handsome. Not only is he a talented actor, but he is also a trained lawyer. Graduated as an honor student at St. Mirin's & St. Margaret's High School, he then attended Glasgow University to study law where he was also the President of the Law Society. He later worked at an Edinburgh law firm for a short time before deciding to move to London in order to pursue an acting career.

2. He's always been a performer

Growing up, Butler knew he wanted to be an actor. He spent his teenage years attending Scottish Youth Theatre. He was once the lead singer for a Scottish rock band called speed; they even played the Edinburgh Music Festival. In 2004, he was able to showcase his singing talent when he played Erik, the title role in Phantom of the Opera.

3. He's collaborated with the best

 Butler has also worked with established celebrities like Catherine Zeta Jones, Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Anniston, Hugh Jackman, and many more.

4. Among his achievements...

Butler’s hard work and talent has been widely recognized. In 2007, he won an MTV Movie Award for Best Fight. In that same year, he was also the Action Movie Star of The Year for The World Stunt Awards.

5. Last, but not least

Butler also supports and contributes to charities like: Alzheimer’s Associated, Angels of East Africa, Artists for Peace and Justice, Redcross, and UNICEF.

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