An impressively lifelike 3D calico cat has appeared on a billboard in Tokyo, opposite Shinjuku Station.

The billboard is using technology appearing on curved digital billboards around the world, already seen in countries including China, England and South Korea, and is the first of its kind to be introduced in Japan. The curved LED screen can beam out 4K images, with the curvature of the screen allowing for incredibly realistic 3D imagery across 1,665ft.

The billboard was developed by Microad Digital Signage and Yunika in conjunction with Cross Shinjuku Vision, who will 'officially' unveil the cat on Monday 12 July. In the meantime the cat will appear sporadically between other advertisements on the screen, moving around and meowing at passers by. Cross Shinjuku even have a live stream of the billboard on their YouTube channel if you have the time or inclination to watch for a feline appearance.

3D advertising calico cat billboard tokyo japan

However, viewing 3D installations that don't require 3D-glasses does come with a few downsides; the footage only appears truly 3D from a few specific angles, so the livestream might be a little disappointing. 

From Monday 12 July, the cat will "wake up" at around 7am before "going to sleep" at 1am. 

This technology is already playing host to some really exciting 3D iterations around the world, here are a few of our favourites. Did we miss any? Link them in the comments below and share with the community.

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