Glassnote Records and Childish Gambino invited artists, illustrators and designers to create street art to promote his upcoming Brixton, London show.

Audric Henri Dandres from Paris, France became the Selected Artist with an entry of Gambino's face that was sprayed all over London.

TH: What's happened since you were chosen as the Selected Artist for the Childish Gambino Creative Invite?
Audric: I received my prize and got attention from the people which is the most important thing for a creative/artist. My stencil has been tagged all over London and a lot of Childish Gambino's fans shared it on Instagram.


TH:What are you up to these days? What do you do now?
Audric: I'm a freelance graphic designer / art director. I work for my clients from around the world thanks to internet. Months ago I was working on the design identity for a new fixed gear brand from Brooklyn, NY.

Now I'm doing branding for a South Korean food truck in Helsinki, Finland.


TH:Do you have any projects you are currently working on, or planning on doing?
Audric: I'm working on several projects as a freelance designer and self-entrepreneur, always in search of new international experiences, I'm also planning to find a job in a big company abroad, I'm living between Italy and France now.


TH: Has joining Talenthouse helped your career in any way?
Audric:I think so, it definitely showcase my works to new people from all over the world, it completed my portfolio and finally I've got email contacts from Glassnote records (Universal), it could always come in useful.


TH: What are your plans for 2015?
Audric: Getting new clients and make them happy!


TH: Do you have any tips or suggestions for other aspiring designers/artists?
Audric: Faith, hard working and be humble.


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