While most people find themselves on a quest for a cure from the common cold, artists hunt year-round for a cure from creative hangups. Luckily Melanie Sklarz, who runs the blog Dose of Creativity, has compiled a list of 10 great creative cures.

Here we go!

1. Take small breaks

Give your brain some breathing room so you can rest and incubate ideas. When you come back to the project, the cycle will continue until you complete it.

2. Keep a daily passion log

Write it all down and keep it going for at least a month.

  • What makes your heart race?
  • What causes you to lose track of time?

It will give you great insights on which creative projects to pursue.

3. Stop living up to the standards of other people's ideas about creativity.

Melanie writes, "Everyone's innate sense of creativity is unique. It's that quality that allows us all to continually shape our lives. For one day, suspend all judgment, including your own."

4. Dedicate a space to creativity.

It's not much a matter of square footage in this situation - even a notebook will do. Make sure your space is easily accessible.

*Extra credit - check out Where Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women by Jo Packham.

5. Notice the details of your life.

This is a great piece of life advice in general. Rather than running on autopilot, take a few minutes to reflect on life's most intricate details. You may find yourself surprised and in possession of some fresh creative material.

6. Make inspiration cards.

Every time an idea or inspiration strikes, write it down on its own note card. Then at the end of each day review your cards and see if you notice a pattern.

7. Take some time and write a history of your creativity.

Think back as far as you can to the creative activities you took on as a child. Then write a history documenting your own creativity.

8. Work on more than one project at a time.

As Melanie puts it, "Inspiration comes in various forms and maybe one of your projects will create a new a-ha in another project. Try it!"

9. Take a field trip.

Leaving your comfort zone, even for a short time can induce new ideas and perspectives. For sites out of the ordinary, check out Roadside America.

10. Start an inspiration wall.

What's better than a collection of the things that inspire you, right where you can see them?

It's your turn - tell us what creative cures work best for you!

Melanie Sklarz is a Cleveland, Ohio based artist, designer and writer. Find her on Twitter @doseofcre8ivity and online at www.melaniesklarz.com or blogging for Dose of Creativity.


Photo credit: Big Stock