We all know about the 16 talented artists who were selected by Cara Delevingne, Sophia Kerrison and Kids of Dada to have their animal-inspired artwork shared and auctioned for charity. Well, the time has come!

With a special edition run of 50 prints each, the #Art4Animals artwork is currently being featured on Kids of Dada’s site priced at £150 a piece. Ten percent of the proceeds go to the deserving artists, while the other ninety goes directly to charity in support of New Hope Animal Rescue.

Here’s your chance to support these artists, animal rights efforts, and your art-candy craving eye. Find out a little more about the artists behind each masterpiece below. Click on their names to browse their profiles housing other spectacular works, check out their Instagrams, and most importantly go visit their work for sale on Kids of Dada. But hurry, prints are only available until Feb. 12th!

If you know animal and art lovers who would appreciate it, don’t forget to share these works with them! Who knows, you just might help fill that bare spot on their wall with their new favorite piece...

Tori Ratcliffe

Tori is a 23 year old artist from Great Britain, UK with a huge passion for animals. Find her instagram @toriratcliffeart.



Keith Tan

Keith hails all the way from Singapore. Check out his instagram @keithtanwei.



Ania Pawlik

Ania though based out of London, UK, is currently exhibiting in France with a traveling art project. Check out her instagram @anek_dota.



Jessica Rosheen

Jessica from Great Britain, UK specializes in creating exclusive, bespoke prints and graphics. Check out her instagram @jessicarosheen



Daria Hlazatova

Daria lives in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.  Her passion lies in drawing and creating handmade collages inspired by fairy-tales, theatre, awkwardness and nonsense.



Georgia Thomas

With a degree in textiles for fashion, enjoys concentrating on illustrative style sewing and creating pieces by hand in Worcester, UK. Check out her instagram @georgiavthomas.



Paul Robinson

Paul from London, UK draws on memories and personal history, re-imagining and appropriating distant but familiar objects, patterns and feelings to create abstract and vivid metaphors. Check out his instagram @luapnosnibor.



Dasha Pliska

Dasha is from Odessa, Ukraine. You can follow her instagram @pliska.dasha.



Alexandra Burda

Alexandra and her beautifully whimsical, yet edgy style originated in Romania.



Iveta Alisauskaite 

Iveta from Kaunas, Lithuania contests the division between the realm of memory and the realm of experience, approaching a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way. You can follow her instagram @tera3008.



Mouni Feddag

Mouni from Nottingham, UK tells stories full of life with his distinctive style of artwork. You can follow his instagram @mounifeddag.



Guy Atafo

Having grown up in a war-ridden Belgian Congo, Guy developed a strong  preference for pen art due to limited access to art materials. He now lives in Belgium. You can follow his instagram @guyatafo. 



Ely Levy

Ely comes from Pasadena, California in the United States. You can follow his instagram @boomcatshop. 



Siw Cattle

Siw resides in London, UK. Her selected artwork is based upon a line in a Rudyard Kipling Poem, “Do not look too good; nor talk too wise.” You can follow his instagram @siwcattle.



Jasmin Gibson

Jasmin is a choice artist from Auckland, New Zealand. Check out her instagram @jasmingibsonart. 



Sven Lim

Sven is an engineer by day, and artist by night living in Quezon City, Philippines. His intricate paper art is set in scenes created from books. Check out his instagram @livingpages.



Sarah Humphreys

Sarah from Kent, UK, was chosen as the Highest Voted with the largest number of social votes received for her design. With the support of her friends, family, and the community, her work is also included in the limited edition run of prints on Kids of Dada.


Support these artists and help out your cuddly friends by purchasing an amazing piece of artwork here

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