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The Glenlivet: Creative tips for your submission

November 18, 2022, in Creative Briefs
See insights on what The Glenlivet team are looking for in their brief to craft an original carton and bottle design for The Glenlivet’s 200-year anniversary!
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The Beautiful Game: We want your real portraits of positive moments in football culture

October 27, 2022, in Creative Briefs
We want to capture the fanfare and the joy associated with being a Football Fan - here's some inspiration.
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How Luis Moreno used Talenthouse briefs to validate his art style (and make friends and money!)

October 13, 2022, in Featured Creators
Talenthouse brief submissions have landed Luis a winning contract with DC and acknowledgement from his favorite superstars
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3 Creatives explain how they constantly have new ideas

October 11, 2022, in Learning & Career
It’s normal to be uninspired. Creativity is fragile so it needs to be fed enough inspiration.
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Creative tips for your Gotham Knights submission

September 28, 2022, in Creative Briefs
Batman might not be around to help, but we can give you a few tips to aid that inspiration
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How expertly designed movie posters create meaningful narratives

September 27, 2022, in Culture & Events
Taking a closer look at the design intricacies that turn a good movie poster into a truly great movie poster
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Creative ideas for your Nationwide 'Money Mindfulness' submissions

September 26, 2022, in Creative Briefs
See insights on what the Nationwide team are looking for in their brief to create bold and uplifting mixed media artwork (digital illustrations, gifs, or animations) inspired by the theme of money mindfulness.
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A painting created by AI just won an art competition: what does it mean for artists?

September 08, 2022, in Culture & Events
What do you think of an AI-generated piece of art winning a fine (digital) art competition?
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Unexpected sources of inspiration for contemporary artists

August 26, 2022, in Creative Briefs
Six examples of how unlikely places, objects or people have provided inspiration for beautiful creative work.
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How to discuss rates and fees with other freelance creatives

August 24, 2022, in Learning & Career
Whichever way you choose to look at it, freelancing is much better when freelance creatives talk more about their fees and rates.
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