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Virtual mega yacht sells for record-breaking $650K in the metaverse

December 06, 2021, in Culture & Events
Two helipads, a hot tub, and a DJ booth that you can never physically visit
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Worklife: how this food label designer creates memorable logos

December 03, 2021, in Featured Creators
There’s more to culinary art than meets the eye
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Meet the creators: stories behind 15 winning 'Objects in the Wild' submissions

December 03, 2021, in Creative Briefs, and Learning & Career
Part one of our Spark AR competition has come to a thrilling end. See 15 of the winning AR effects and get ready for part two.
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It's a myth - Facts and fiction about augmented reality

December 01, 2021, in Learning & Career
Not sure if augmented reality is your cup of tea? Let us bust some myths and tell you why there’s more to augmented reality than meets the eye.
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Four augmented reality effects aiming to raise environmental awareness

November 30, 2021, in Learning & Career
A collection of augmented reality effects from around the world with the goal of raising environmental awareness
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A brief introduction: Create World AR with Spark AR

November 29, 2021, in Creative Briefs, and Learning & Career
Get the jump on our new creative brief from Spark AR to create World AR effects
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11 creatives talk us through their submissions for PBR's 2021 Can Contest

November 20, 2021, in Creative Briefs
The entries are coming in strong for this year's PBR Can Art Contest, and for the first time, it's global.
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TIPS & INSIGHTS: Representing duality and conflict in art

November 19, 2021, in Creative Briefs, and Learning & Career
Ready to start your submission for our Morbius film brief, but stuck on the finer details? Never fear, we’re here to help break down the brief for you and get you inspired.
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Community showcase: Incredible Dune artwork created by Talenthouse artists

November 19, 2021, in Featured Creators
Dune is currently and the front of our minds and the top of the box office. These creations by Talenthouse artists are some stunning expressions of appreciation.
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Talenthouse Media Foundry has launched! A new way for creatives to earn money

November 18, 2021, in Learning & Career
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