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Get to Know: Hebru Brantley
October 13, 2020, in Creative Briefs
Get to know celebrity artist, Hebru Brantley, the exclusive Guest Judge for our Bombay Sapphire Limited Edition Spray Can Creative Brief!
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In Your Words: Orlando Toledo
October 06, 2020, in Featured Creators
Have a look at our latest "In Your Words" with Paraguayan Illustrator & Dua Lipa AR Selected Creator Orlando Toledo for Hispanic Heritage Month!
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Between Two Artists: Ant Hagan & Marc Wakefield Discuss Dua Lipa and AR
September 29, 2020, in Creative Briefs, and Featured Creators
Ant Hagan and Marc Wakefield take a break from their busy schedules to discuss how their artistic collaboration began and their creative process for the Dua Lipa AR lens.
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In Your Words: Tamara Hadeed Manzano
September 29, 2020, in Featured Creators
Check out our latest "In Your Words" with Venezuelan Illustrator/Animator Tamara Hadeed Manzano for Hispanic Heritage Month! (In Spanish & English)
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Insider Info: BI X Tips & Insights
September 18, 2020, in Creative Briefs
Check out some exclusive insights on what the BI X team are looking for there impactful, bold, geometric graphic designs capturing BI X's key themes!
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In Your Words: Diorella 'Dior' Reyes
September 15, 2020, in Featured Creators
Check out our latest "In Your Words" with Diorella 'Dior' Reyes to celebrate the start of Hispanic Heritage Month!
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Get to Know: Ben Knutson Snap Official Lens Creator
September 09, 2020, in Featured Creators
Get to know one of Snaps Official Lens Creators, Ben Knutson, and how he got into augmented reality.
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In Your Words: Monster Truck Ninja's Batcave VR Dance Party
September 03, 2020, in Featured Creators
We're excited to bring you our latest edition of In Your Words with Isaac Woodby of Monster Truck Ninja! Isaac is the owner of Monster Truck Ninja, a Colombian and American production studio.
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Insider Info: Principles of 3D Modeling
August 27, 2020, in Learning & Career
Take your creativity to another dimension by utilizing 5 core principles of 3D modeling in your creativity!
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In Your Words: Between Two AR Artists, Isabelle Udo & Harun Köktürk
August 21, 2020, in Featured Creators
Introducing our new editorial series of "In Your Words" starting with AR artists Isabelle Udo and Harun Köktürk!
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