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Venom Selected Artists & Talenthouse Picks!
September 19, 2018, in Creative Invites
Check out the amazing "Venom" selected artworks and a list of our Talenthouse picks!
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Seen It: "The Future of Authentic Branded Content Creation" Talenthouse at Soho House London
September 14, 2018, in Learning & Career
Check out this panel on "The Future of Authentic Branded Content Creation" hosted by Talenthouse at Soho House London with our Co-Founder Maya Bogle!
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Insider Info: The Dada Art Movement
September 10, 2018, in Learning & Career
Learn about the history of the Dada Art Movement and contemporary artists still making Dada artwork today!
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Insider Info: Thomas Cook’s “Cook's Club” Hotel Selected Artists & Upcoming Crete Installation!
September 06, 2018, in Creative Invites
Thomas Cook invited artists worldwide to create fun ideas for art murals at their new “Cook's Club” Hotel in Crete, Greece! Check out the 3 Selected Artists and their installation spaces they will paint in the coming week!
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Insider Info: 6 Must See Art Exhibits
August 20, 2018, in Culture & Events
6 New art exhibits you need to visit before they are gone!
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Seen It: Lindbergh-Porsche Talent Project Artist Skander Khlif
August 02, 2018, in Culture & Events
Check out this exclusive behind the scenes Porsche photoshoot with Peter Lindbergh captured by Talenthouse photographer Skander Khlif on location!
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Get to Know: Galen Ayers
July 27, 2018, in Culture & Events
Meet multitalented artist, Galen Ayers as we interview her about her newest album "Monument" that was just released!
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Seen It: Porsche Talent Project Peter Lindbergh
July 24, 2018, in Culture & Events
Talenthouse partnered with Porsche and Peter Lindbergh for the second Porsche Talent Project! A project where one emerging Talenthouse photographer had the opportunity to meet and work with their idol.
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Insider Info: Tutorial Videos - Top 20 Tips to Create Better Video In 2018
July 23, 2018, in Learning & Career
Check out these detailed tips on how to create better videos for your audience!
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Football Soccer Flash Creative Invite Selected Artists
July 20, 2018, in Creative Invites
Check out the Selected Artists' drool-worthy food photography from our latest Flash Creative Invite!
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