Based in center Europe, Anze Iglicar (The Glitch), has been a professional producer and composer, songwriter for over 15 years. Involved in to many projects and productions (bands, artists, dj`s), also for television, film, and advertising. His most famous works are licensed for Red bull, Mini Coupe advertisement, Sony comp. entertainment, Mtv, Michael Kors, Fashion magazine, Ripcurl, E!, Discovery, Cbs, licensed for some big fashion events, movie trailers, commercial spots, corporate advert, video games and tv shows. He was also a main producer and composer for some music solo artists, bands, dj`s (Clea & Kim, D.E.A, Hex, Amanda Wilson, Shena, Ele7en…) remixed NIN, worked for Universal, Sony, Dance and love Italy, Pacha recordings. He brings us music in electronic flavour like: downbeat, industrial, deep/house, big room dance sound, trance big beat, dubstep, electro/rock, new wave, electronica, soundtrack ambiental. Anze is providing an opportunity for a music supervisor, publisher, or sync company to have exclusive access to unique and original material. If a modern sound full of emotions/dynamic and well pumped is your need, you are looking at the right place.