With the popularity of Korean dramas, the girl's fresh and lovely air has caused a ripple in countless MM hearts. The air bangs seem to have an empty feel, so do you know how to use ceramic curling irons to curl the air bangs? 1. First, comb the bangs with a comb, then spray the bangs slightly with water. 2. Use a curling iron to curl the fringe of the fringe up and down the end of the first lap. 3. Blow hot bangs with a hair dryer to achieve the finalizing effect; 4. Loosen the curling iron after the rollers are cooled; 5. Pull out the bangs from the outside; 6. Spray a small amount of styling fluid. The pear flower head is a lot of medium long hair girl's gray often likes the hairstyle, not only fashion nifty, and very good match clothes. In fact, the female people at home can create a fluffy and lovely pear flower head. Then follow Remy-hair-extensions, and look at the ceramic curling irons. 1. Apply a little balm of essential oil to the hair before curling. 2. Use a ceramic curling iron to hold a small bundle of hair smoothly down, and carry out the inner volume at the end of the hair. 3. Determine the winding number of curly hair according to your own needs, so that you can roll out different styles of pear heads; 4. After winding the two sides of the hair, start to roll the bangs, and use the hairpin to hold the first layer of bangs, first the second layer and the top layer; 5. Use your hands to loosen the volume slightly, or gently brush it to give it a natural fluffy effect.