Alicja Kozlowska, born in Warsaw, creates and lives in Poland. Fascinated with Pop Art from an early age, deals with textile art. She creates 3d embroidered felt sculptures of everyday objects drawing inspiration from the reality that surrounds us, consumerism and everyday objects. She is a member of the S.E.W. association. Her works have been recognized and awarded by CFA Artist of the Year Award [2019] and The 36th International Artvita Online Art Contest. In 2020 she took part in a international #iClapFor project. Now she’s making her own project called “i.d.”, which is a study of different drawers, interpreting different personalities and showing different parts of the world. Despite her young age, she was exhibited in many galleries and museums across Europe and United States. Besides creating sculptures, she also run a column about soft sculptures titled: "Stitching It Real with Alicja Kozlowska", on the British portal dealing textile art. She has numerous publications in art magazines, like Designboom, Inspirations magazine, Textileartist, Elle Decoration, and many others. Her passion is broadly understood textile art and handicraft. Starting from crochet, through embroidery, fashion, accessories and ending with artquilt. Her performances created in public places shows the coherence of art with mass production and consumerism. She draws inspiration from everyday life, trying to popularize Fiber Art and embroidery.