He was born in Corozal (Sucre). In 1975, he graduated with a degree in Architecture at “Universidad la gran Colombia,” with an award-winning thesis. He received “la Orden Civil al Mérito José Acevedo y Gómez” in 2004; in 1991, he was honored by “Colcultura” with “la orden Mariscal Sucre.” He has done covers for several magazines and calendars. He is self-taught in Fine Arts. Each of his art-pieces establishes dreams, imagination, and contains roots of different cultures. He received “la Orden del Congreso en el Grado de Caballero” in 2007. His art-pieces "America, Magia, Mito y Leyenda," have been exhibited in galleries in several countries. His art transports us through different Colombian regions where civilizations that offer eloquent testimonies of the splendor of the pre-Colombian past flourished and caught the attention of the European explorers and continue to fixate the world to this day. His art-works are the heritage and ancestral roots from which the new men in the unknown world arise, from the beaches of the Caribbean to the Andean Paramo in the rainforest, or desert. The melodies of “Grupo Putumayo” inspire him the instant he takes the brush and capture different scenes of culture and experiences of our country communion in spirit with the identity that moves us to pass on from generation to generation the ancestral value of our land and American race. It is the visual complement that makes “Grupo Putumayo” presentations something unique. Magic, myth and legend aret the items brought to the dimension of this time joining as one hug of color and timeless sounds.