Born in Ceuta ( Spanish city in North Africa ) , is passionate about the very early photograph of totally self-taught , which will later combine with other styles such as painting or a mixture of both . It can not be said to practice a single style, but playing with several , each one expresses and enforces its limits , which may be very different according to the topic , the situation or the same process used looking medium more suitable expression to express what you want to communicate . Constantly researching and dares with new techniques and formats, and combining this with the digital treatment makes you get often eclectic and original result . Just fulfilled adulthood begins to travel around the world with his camera always . Apart from Spain , countries like the U.S. , France, Italy, Morocco , Japan , Kenya , Maldives , Portugal , Russia , Tanzania , Brazil, Dominican Republic , Algeria, the Netherlands, have been the target of his photographs. Several trips to the United States allow you to take series that have been shown in some agencies and American platforms. In one of those trips is born his first solo exhibition : "New York Colors " held between September and October 2008 at the Museum of Revellín of Ceuta. Later in 2009, participates as a partner in the NYC Fashion Week as a photographer and participates in several exhibitions and street installations Orchard St. in NYC . Morocco, the country most visited focuses much of his work. Throughout more than 30 years it travels in search of its landscapes , its culture and its people , photographing everyday moments intense , showing in his presentation : " Intense Morocco " November 2011 Museum Revellín - Ceuta. February / March 2012 Palacio del Conde Duque de Olivares Olivares - ( Sevilla) In mid- 2008, he created his Web page: www.albertovision.com , which receives more than 20,000 visits to date. Support the Journal CENTURY Ceuta and ASM Magazine Magazine as a photographer. Combining photography and graphic design with another of his passions , music has been the official photographer at 12 º, 14 º , 15 º , 16 º and 17 º Festival de Jazz de Ceuta and LATIN WEEKEND and has done work for artists: José Manuel León, Dany Noel, Liona Gilad , Javier Masso " Caramelo de Cuba " , Jerry González , José Miguel Carmona , Raimundo Amador, Alain Pérez, La Shica , Vargas Blues Band, and Juan Perro among others. In June 2012 develops coordination and planning of the artistic and gastronomic project : Art INVINARTE 2012 as Commissioner of the sample, which also exposes his 30 related wine world works. Also in June 2012, participating in the group exhibition " Shared Art Workshop I " project where the likes of Carmen Herrera and Emilio Zurita joins , among others, and have a place where poetry, photography , art, music , cinema, theater, etc. . , thus bringing different cities through culture. Featured your work for this event , " Metropolis" , a set of four large-format photographs , printed directly on aluminum plates. In September 2012, presented together with other artists in the Provincial Library Library Andalucía- Granada , the Exhibition " Hands on the Muse " which involved thirty-five partners Gran Canaria , Ceuta , Algeciras , Sevilla, Almeria, Cantabria, San Sebastián , Madrid , La Linea , La Habana and Seville who have made photographic and literary genres of the various contributions. October and November of 2012 participates in the exhibition " Menzaliz -Art " at the Museum of Revellín Ceuta ( Spain ) . Between October 2012 and March 2013 exposed individually: " Cups and Bottles " in " De Buena Cepa " , Ceuta, dedicated to wine and restaurant, where you can see about 25 photographs and some of his work in mixed media on large canvases . Graphic and poetic Group exhibition " Hands on the Muse ", from February 16 to March 16, 2013 in the Temporary Exhibition Hall Carcabuey Historical Museum , Cordoba ( Spain ) . Exhibition " DO YOU SEE ? " Sponsored by the European Network for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. From December 2013 to February 2014, in the Municipal Palace of the Autonomous City of Ceuta ( Spain ) . Since June 2013 permanently exposed in Hadaya gallery in Marrakech ( Morocco), his collection : "Scenes and types of Morocco" collection done in mixed media on canvas. Award Finalist: "Capture the Colours" 2013 by Talenthouse India He currently works in the coordination and planning of the artistic-gastronomic project INVINARTE 2014 as Commissioner Art of the sample.