General Yogurt is a project of Erol Ibrahimov-vocalist, bass player, composer and frontman of the Bulgarian ska punk band Wickeda. Wickeda is one of the most well-known bands in Bulgaria, and have existed for quite a long time, given the unstable Bulgarian music market. When their first album Revolution appeared in 1999, it caught immediately the attention of musicians, journalists and music fans alike. The album was something of a turning point for the ailing Bulgarian popular music scene. It signalled the emergence of a new wave of Bulgarian rock and. Bulgaria's leading music magazine at the time, New Rhythm chose it as one of the 35 best Bulgarian albums ever, and Wickeda won the prize for Best band and Best newcomer awarded by the music TV channel MM. The single "Me and Bobby, We are Both Drinking Coffee" stayed in MM's Top Ten for 10 weeks and the album sold over 30,000 copies. In 2000 Wickeda released their second album "That's Why, Because...". The first single, "Whiskey and Peanuts" again reached high positions in the Top Ten. At the yearly music television they won prizes for Best band and Best album. The second album sold over 20,000 copies. The third album "So far so good", a retrospective of Wickeda's work, came out in 2001, including four new songs. During their European tour (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary), they released a single out of their fourth album " Class rise up" in advance. After the tour the album was completed and managed once again to make it into the Top Ten. contact: generalyogurt@gmail.com