Design for Stephen Jones

Design a hat to be exhibited at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery

The quality of hat designs in the competition were really fantastic and I love the fact that they came in from all over the world - our shortlist has a truly international make up. This competition really was about creativity without boundaries and it just proves the great freedom that the internet brings.
~Stephen Jones


It was thrilling to see so many unique ideas coming in from all over the world - and it was wonderful to work with Stephen and witness him using his own expertise to choose such an international line up.
~Dolly Jones

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Nine extra milliners recognized by Stephen Jones and Vogue: Dimitrije Gojkovic, Joosten Mueller, Daniel Pilecki, Masha Sylnyagina, Mather Louth, Philomena Kwok, Susanne Oliver, Tomoko Tahara, Van Willy

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Aliona Kononova
Lucie Gregoire
Kate Jones
Holly Gaiman
Eliane Lax
Lisa Jones
Luciana Salamone
Christiane Englsberger
Carol Kennelly