Design for Red Fang

$500 cash, $600 towards Zazzle, 2 free tickets and merch from the band!

Holy shit!! We were totally BLOWN AWAY by how many great entries we got in this contest! Thank you guys so much!! And everyone knows that this is coming, but it is SO TRUE that I have to say it - it was really really really really hard to choose winners. In fact, it was so hard, there is a chance that even if you didn't win one of the official prizes, you may be hearing from us about using your design for one of our shirts sometime in the future! For now, though, congratulations to the winners - you guys deserve it! Try not to get a sunburn while basking in the glory of your triumph. ~ Red Fang

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Alex Rydlinski
Pablo Lizardi
Cloie McPhail
Justin Nottke
Moonkey Graphic Design
Tyler Hawkinson
Mike Vasquez
Maximiliano Schott
Ernie Malbeuf