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“Five years ago when we launched a similar competition to make a film inspired by our Icelandic tour film 'Heima', we received 57 entries. At the time this seemed like a lot to assimilate and judge. This time almost one thousand people (or rather, one thousand teams of people) have poured their hearts and souls into a bewildering variety of films that has frankly threatened to overwhelm us. Wow! People have entered from all corners of the globe, inspiring us with so many and varied interpretations of the band's music and without wanting to get too dewy-eyed, it really has been a humbling experience. Thank you one and all for your truly amazing efforts.” - Sigur Rós


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Anafelle Liu
Billy Hasbi
Davide Labanti
Gonssalo Soares
Caroline Fisher
Jeff Ray
Ruslan Fedotow
Braden Brenizer
Shane Bartlett