Design for Linkin Park

"Crystal Heroes" By Hansel Gonzalez

When we talk about heroes, it does not necessarily mean superman, spiderman and ironman but it also means all close or not too close persons we admire and trust. It is wonderful for us every little thing they do, they protect us, they fight for what they believe and strive to give the best of themselves, they are so magnificent as a castle and at the same time as fragile as a crystal glass, they after all are also humans that even if they break or stop existing they will always be in our mind and heart forever. We´ll always give them our eternal recognition for what they were once.

I make two versions to show the versatility of the design which can be used with dark or light backgrounds, allows the integration of any siholuette (either of our heroes or of the members of Linkin Park) and provides the printing in a single color without losing the essence that transmits to a full color.

Software: Illustrator CS6
Impression: CMYK, Pantone or a single color

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Design for Linkin Park
By Linkin Park


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