Design artwork for Florence + The Machine

"Movement And Emotion" By Jenna Rinaldi

My design for Florence and the Machine's "Only If For A Night” visually brings the song to life. The movement and emotion of the sounds and lyrics are embraced through use of image and tonality. My original photographs of a dancer in her own ceremonials, capture gestures of her grasping her fists, jumping in the air, and simply walking and sitting in a graveyard. Viewers are able to feel her passion and grief while she dances. The desaturated photos represent a moment in the dancer’s life consumed with grief. The fade away of color displays the loss in her life. The dancer’s movement represents her spirit, both her heartache and her rejoicing. The editorial use of ripped edge symbolizes a series of images that coincide with the moments and emotions ripped from the dancer’s life. Florence and the Machine reaches out to their listeners and grabs their attention: body, heart, and soul. My design visually echoes their unique sound.

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By Florence + The Machine

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