Collaborate on a collage inspired by U2's Achtung Baby to win an original Achtung

"On the Fly" By Zoya Shu

After the fall of the Wall and the end of the USSR new countries were born.
The countries of the post-USSR/socialist space have completely changed,
with the development of a new spiritual and business life. In particular,
in the post-Soviet countries people now have freedom to be a success in
business and explore their spirituality, unthinkable (and criminal) in the
times of the bipolar world - when USSR existed. The history changing events
of the 1991 have reshaped the world, promoting the values of ONE globalized
world and its freedoms.
Business attire, back drop of the Mikhailovsky Catheral, flanked by the
architenture of keeping with tranditions and looking towards the future.
...So pay attention, the babies that were born in 1991 are now the adults
and still going strong. It's no secret...

The picture is real (no photoshop was used for the "levitating effect") and
was taken in Kiev, Ukraine in Sept 2011.
The model is Marcus Adam Moore, the best jumper I've ever seen.

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Collaborate on an Achtung Baby collage
By U2

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