Collaborate on a collage inspired by U2's Achtung Baby to win an original Achtung

"Threshold" By Rich Brimer Artist

Thresholds are the invisible crossings that can help strip away some of the challenges of our past. As we cross over the unseen line, a thin veil is sometimes lifted, and our sight becomes clearer to the Beautiful being revealed in our lives. John O'Donohue says; "Beauty is about an emerging fullness, a greater sense of grace and elegance, a deeper sense of depth and also a kind of homecoming for your unfolding life." This painting “Threshold” is a response to a sort of homecoming I had when I first went to Assisi, Italy. Spending a week alone there, I discovered some important things about myself. First, I came to understand that I did not need to let history dictate my future. Secondly, I have nothing before me but the future. We cross thresholds daily. We enter new “becomings” every morning. The revelations produce an excitement while crossing over into new territories. It’s with this excitement that I create new works, and keep an eye out for beauty in the midst of pain.

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Collaborate on an Achtung Baby collage
By U2

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