Design artwork for Nas

"Resurrection" By Joey Furr

The style of this piece represents a mix between the luxe and street worlds which collide within this song.

Whilst the style and reflects graffiti on New York subways, it also references the colours of the American flag, which inturn mirror the same messages presented by Nas in the song.

Packed with imagery, it represents the complex wordplay and quickfire syllables that saturate the track.

2006 was the year Hip Hop was pronounced dead. The fist bursting through the ground represents more proof of the genres resurrection.

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About this Creative Invite

Secret 7’’ are inviting creatives from around the globe to take inspiration from Nas' The Don and design an original 7 inch vinyl sleeve. Between 30-50 winners will be selected. One copy of each design will be produced and exhibited in East London for over a week in April. The project culminates on Record Store Day when the 700 one-of-a-kind vinyl will be available to purchase, with all of the profits going to the charity Art Against Knives. None of the buyers will know who created the sleeve, or even which song it's for, until they are holding it in their hands - the secret lies within.
By Nas

Secret 7’’ winners will be revealed here on May 2 at 10am PST.

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