Direct a video for Sigur Rós

"Valtari ~ Sigur Rós" By Warrick Fraser

Written, Directed & Produced by Warrick Fraser

This is a simple narrative of the sadder analogies of societal detachment & social estrangement. Personalised by witnessing the unique & enigmatic, reluctantly dragged through an overworked modern life. Elevated by the rising inner nature of individual freedom & personal liberty.

It was conceptualised to be shot in an old European train station, completely dark with all actors lost in smoke, vague old signage protruding out of the shadows with exit signs and unknown destination plaques to strangely familiarise the viewer. This was not possible and a theatre space was procured with a similar, but less particular, dream-state theme to be created. A subtle mix of frame rates and flipped footage were experimented with to keep the viewer subconsciously curious.

Warrick Fraser

FULL RESOLUTION VERSION (2GB ProResLT) available on request.

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Direct for Sigur Rós
By Sigur Ros

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