Direct a video for Sigur Rós

"Sigur Rós - Rembihnútur . Directed - Filmed - Edited by Ali J. Dalloul" By Ali J Dalloul

I believe that all human beings are creative but each one needs to find his/her right place in the world to think and show unlimited creativity. So, I made this video as a symbolic approach to a human mind - the door - which found the nature its suitable place to think and create ideas - balloons - and send them to the world without any limits.And,when it’s the right time,those ideas are exposed to the world and they will make a change(giving life to the dead tree).But again,this mind will leave this place to find another one and create new ideas.For me,the blue door is a mysterious transition from a world to another,and it’s a new view to find what is hidden and essential.Balloons contain air,which is essential for living just like new ideas.Also,balloons are easy to spread everywhere and with the red color they become more powerful and passionate.

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Direct for Sigur Rós
By Sigur Ros

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