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"Benga & Kano - Forefather (Time Protocol Epic Remix)" By Time Protocol


The Department of Time Protocol has issued an order for the release of the following auditory construct. Initiate uplink with Time Protocol agents in your timeline for continued harmonic resonance.

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About this Creative Invite

This Summer, Benga is back with a brand new studio album 'Chapter 2', out May 6. To mark the release Benga is inviting DJs, remixers and producers to put their own spin on the first single from the album featuring Kano, titled 'Forefather'.British rapper Kano will join Benga as the guest judge.Participants can use the stems provided to create their own original remix, which maybe any genre, any style. Benga has described the song as a reference and homage to things that inspired both him and Kano.Take inspiration from the full lyric video here.
By Benga


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