Direct a video for Sigur Rós

"Sigur Rós - Dauðalogn (valtari mystery film competition entry)" By Andrew Vallentine

I've always been fascinated with Sigur Rós and the emotional effect their music seems to have on me. when I was listening to dauðalogn, trying to come up with a concept, I literally felt as if I was transported into another time and place. Two characters, who are deeply and passionately in love, fight for the one thing that seems to make them whole--each other. As images from the past and future flash across the screen, we see the female character's inner emotional struggle as she attempts to convey her complex story through dance. I've always been curious with exploring the idea of finding your one true love and not knowing what else to hope or search for in life.
This is her story and his loss.
-andrew vallentine

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Direct for Sigur Rós
By Sigur Ros

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