Change the world with charity: water

"Clean Water Brightens The World" By Sheila Cicchi

I chose to use flowers to represent people of all nationalities, in all countries. The bigger flowers are giving water (for drinking and cleansing) to a smaller flower that lives in a less bright world and is struggling. The clean water is shown adding color to this flower giving it hope to grow up big and bright. The two big flowers are also reaching over into another part of the world and giving water, going outside their comfort zone per se.

This design was drawn, colored and painted in Paint Shop Pro and is a .jpg. I feel this will look good on t-shirts, mugs and most products, esp. since I gave it a free-form border.

I also chose to make H2O means "Health To Others." I had thought also "Help To Others" but clean water is about health more and Charity:Water is about making lives healthier through clean water.

Thanks for your consideration.
Sheila aka "Brownielocks"
July 27, 2012

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