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"Arizona - Echoes of Pain feat. Taylor Haze (Rough Cut)" By Arizona Stoneheart

InterpreTation: This track is an inward journey into the heart of a man. It is in fact my inward journey led by virtue of my constant continuous contemplation, which brings me to the inner and hidden chambers of my heart. And there I am ultimately confronted with the human condition, specifically the affairs of tragedies,warfare,genocide killings, crimes against humanity,slavery, injustice, abuse of wealth,power and money.....and my heart begins to whisper to me, and I listen closely, the more I listen the more I connect with the feelings that fill this inner chamber. I realize they have a sound. They sound like echoes, but echoes that carry an unfathomable weight. Pure "Echoes of Pain". They speak to me crying out " hear my heart, hear my soul, it`s been scarred, it`s so cold, so please, won`t you just warm it up for me .

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