Design for Linkin Park

"Shattered Dream" By Lukus Edmison

"Shattered Dream" - 11"x18" on double sided frosted acetate; black Verithin Prismacolor pencil; approx. 35 hrs to complete - of course while listening to all the LP albums :)

The broken light bulb can represent a number of things: a broken thought, idea, dream, etc. Much like a dream, a light bulb can be both fragile and temporary in nature and can be broken very easily at any point in time. The intensity felt in the hand as it holds the shards of this shattered light bulb expresses the pain one might experience after realizing that this dream they had come to believe in is in fact broken, as well as possible guilt for being a crack in that dream, causing it to shatter. Every detail of this piece was carefully applied with a purpose, including the castle of glass tattoo that has a natural crease or "crack" running all the way through it.

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Design for Linkin Park
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