Design an outfit for Leona Lewis to wear for an upcoming performance

"Ethical Fashion for Leona Lewis by Myrná" By Myrna' Kennedy

Moving away from the dress trend, I have designed a Solid, Couture Cat-suit made from a combination of Peace Silks. The lower opacity areas feature beaded embroidery. To attribute the exclusivity of an artiste, I played around with the features of this garment by dressing the backless area with a ‘loop-pleated spine’. Leona Lewis is in fact, a young, fun, beautiful woman, whose personality at times is misunderstood. To compliment her youthfulness and her decent sex appeal, I gave the garment a dominant look, whilst aiming to maintain her decent reputation. Like the spine, the legs and ankle areas are dressed with looped-pleats. The outfit is completed with a set of costume bracelets. All silks are ethical, environmentally friendly and kind to the skin.

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Design for Leona Lewis
By Leona Lewis

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