Design for Issa

"Conhecimento (knowledge)" By Marlon Costa

We acquire knowlegde when we start looking within ourselves and letting the best of our own being come out. Books piled up remind me of the big mess we make trying to achieve what we call knowledge. I chose earthy browns as colors for this print because it reminds me of simplicity and things in their original state, natural and unprocessed. The Issa girl is HAPPY, CONFIDENT, and FULL OF LIFE, she does not need to be loud to get attention. She is too confident for that. She only needs her own skin and the Knowledge of her worth. She is happy and she expresses that through every gesture she makes and every step she takes. The Issa girl is naturally GORGEOUS. (The art tile would be of about 40cm by 40cm)

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Design a print for Issa
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Design a print for London Fashion House Issa

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