Design for Fox Searchlight's new movie, Stoker

"India Stoker" By Mitchell Nelson

I decided for my entry I would create a classical inspired portrait of India Stoker fusing symbolism from what I gathered from the information provided in the trailers and brief.
This portrait was hand drawn using a section of artist pencils which I then scanned into Photoshop for post production. This is a method that I use for all of my work, but I felt would be very suitable for this project as it was similar to the one used to create the already existing movie poster, whilst adding my own unique flair to the illustration to present my interpretation of this story.

Contrast plays a major roll in this piece to show how India's innocent nature changes throughout this movie to her opposite. Symbolism such as the the butterflies represent her innocence whilst the rifle and shovel, two major elements for me in the trailer, represents her personality change as well as the theme of death which heavily plays in Stoker. The white lily too represents death.

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About this Creative Invite

Fox Searchlight and Curzon Cinemas are inviting artists and designers to create the collectable movie postcards for upcoming film Stoker featuring Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode.
By Curzon Cinemas

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