Design artwork for Florence + The Machine

"Pink and Gold and Glittering" By Abigail Stevens

For me, despite the lyrical content this song sounds upbeat and makes me want to dance around. The colour scheme and bold shapes in the design aim to reflect this feeling and were also inspired by some of the quirky elements of the lyrics such as the description of the ghost as 'pink and gold and glittering.' The yellow circle behind the ghost is reminiscent of images of 'holy visitations' to reinforce the other-worldly quality of the figure. The beam piercing the yellow figures chest is meant to show a connection of the heart and the trees might be interpreted as meaning 'family.'

This image was created by scanning in line drawings, hand-drawn pattern and paper texture, then combining them with digital colour in photoshop.

(the template was used to create this piece but it's inclusion made the file more than the max 5MB size)

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