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"Dro Mattic - Pot of Gold Verse Submission" By Loyalty X Entertainment

been a minute since i been talkin to god,
see da crosses on my chest is a target for enemies,
only one shot that i got you can tell it by the desert eaz,
Cause ma documentary is like one way to da dream,
got my fitted cap,
tilted back,
cuz im into dat,
picture dat,
like a cinemax,
do da math like im on way to go,
dis money make dem otha niggas wanna take my soul,
i never thought i would've made it but theres no way to know,
unless you on that paper trail in money call your phone
i might as well just do my thing and just kick it at home,
i got dat number 5 engrave it into my dome,
see im only made of blood which is priceless to the gold

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