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"Yorkshire Hardcore - The Secret Punk Hardcore Scene of the North" By Jake Hanrahan

Deep in the heart of the North of England, an aggressive "Punk Hardcore" scene has embedded itself, thriving on the harsh realities of life in Yorkshire and the bone touching weather that comes with it.

Originally born in the 70s in America with bands such as Black Flag and Bad Brains, the hardcore scene ditched the makeup and Mohawks of mainstream punk for plain t-shirts and thrashing dance moves.

Now, in 2013, a hardcore scene in Yorkshire thrives underground with some unique idiosyncrasies. There are bands of unemployed 50somethings, bands that ritually get stoned out of their minds before playing live, and even “straight-edge” hardcore bands whose members attack anyone that drinks or takes drugs.

We’ll be journeying into the aggressive world of Yorkshire Hardcore, visiting the hardcore squat house, taking part in a basement show and looking into the aggression and passion that this scene lives off of.

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