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"Brain Tumors" By Megan Oteri

My mother has brain tumors, but today she stopped to smell the flowers. The heart holds the brain and the brain holds the heart.

My mother was diagnosed with brain tumors in 2000. She had emergency brain surgery in 2000 to relieve the pressure on her brain; the doctors put a shunt in her brain. They said she would live three to five years. It's 2012 – she beat the odds. Every day I hear her voice is a good day.

You can read more about the light and shadow of this terminal illness at my blog at Thank you for your support.

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Calling all graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers! We are excited to invite you to submit work for our new 4 minute short film called "Brain Power." The film will have many high profile screenings and will be used for free by non-profits and organizations around the world! Our last four films premiered at Sundance and have won 35 awards.Our previous short film "A Declaration of Interdependence," included music by Moby, was featured on the youtube homepage and was released at "Interdependence Day" on September 12th of 2011. You can check it out on We would love to be able to feature your work in this new film "Brain Power."We are looking for artistic interpretations of the brain (think anything from your version of a brain scan or neurons connecting, to an artistic metaphor like the brain as a garden, or the solar system, or the neurons of the brain connecting like computers on the Internet, or whatever you imagine. Participants must submit their entries in the form of graphics, illustrations, or photographs (directly to talenthouse). We will then use the winning entries in the 4-minute film, combined with other animations, archival imagery, and other crowdsourced video footage.This film "Brain Power" is part of the "Let It Ripple: Mobile Films for Global Change" film series by The Moxie Institute. The first film in the series was "A Declaration of Interdependence," which featured music by Moby, graphic art from our great partnership with Talenthouse, as well as videos submitted from all over the world. The film has now been translated into 65 languages and is being used by non-profits for free all around the world. To watch the film or to find out how to get a free catered version for your organization please visit: can also watch the trailer for Tiffany Shlain's award-winning feature film "Connected," hailed by The New York Times as "Examining everything from the Big Bang to Twitter," and "incredibly engaging...could not take my eyes off of it!" at
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