Open for Paul Oakenfold

"DJ DragoN's Minimix" By Kostas Voulgaris

This is my minimix including tracks of slightly different genres but all containing the same elements! Which are what I love about dance music! :) Dark and techy,underground,atmospheric,melodic and vocal...I think this minimix is my personal idea of what dance music is all about! Great atmosphere,emotions and energy! :) Hope you enjoy it!!
This is definitely an honor to be doing this for Paul Oakenfold as he was one of my first Dj's I started listening too and still is one of my top favorites!! :)
Here's the tracklist:
1.Azimuth (DJ DragoN Remix)-Guy J
2.When The Night Falls-Marco V
3.Soul Is In The Air-Dezarate and Michel Manzano
4.Rachel's Song (Andy Moor Remix)-Vangelis

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Be the opening DJ for Paul Oakenfold
By Paul Oakenfold

Be the opening DJ for Paul Oakenfold at Rain Nightclub in Las Vegas

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