Collaborate on a track with Sennheiser and Labrinth

"A couple of years ago I was fighting to get my sound out there, so now I want to give people the chance to show the world what they can do. Opportunities like this can get you heard and change your life. There’s so much raw talent out there and I’m hyped to hear all the different styles and sounds that come out of this and see what we can create. I’ve got a feeling already you guys aren’t going to make it easy for me to pick a winner.” - Labrinth


"We’ve known Lab for a couple of years, and he is the ideal guy to help us launch Masters of Sound. Working with Talenthouse we hope will give us the perfect opportunity to help a new talent, someone with a passion for sound, someone who deserves it." - Phil Cummings, Artist Relations Project Manager from Sennheiser

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Sam Wale
Claire-Louise Rossi
Oliver Florence Samuel
Megha Bhardwaj
Tom Cox
Andrey Jandy Prudnikov
Lewis Bryant
Jack Shaw
Kirsty Marquis